Cdrtools - Highly portable CD/DVD/BluRay command line recording software

Cdrtools is a set of command line programs that allows to record CD/DVD/BluRay media.

The suite includes the following programs:

cdrecord A CD/DVD/BD recording program
readcd A program to read CD/DVD/BD media with CD-clone features
cdda2wav The most evolved CD-audio extraction program with paranoia support
mkisofs A program to create hybrid ISO9660/JOLIET/HFS filesystes with optional Rock Ridge attributes
isodebug A program to print mkisofs debug information from media
isodump A program to dump ISO-9660 media
isoinfo A program to analyse/verify ISO/9660/Joliet/Rock-Ridge Filesystems
isovfy A program to verify the ISO-9660 structures
rscsi A Remote SCSI enabling daemon

Cdrtools is a set of 100% free true OpenSource programs that follow the definitions from OSI (originally written by Bruce Perens).

Cdrtools is under constant free and open development since February 1996. The goal for cdrtools development is to permanently provide a free suite of programs for writing CD/DVD/BD media and succeeding similar products (like e.g. HD-DVD). Since more than 14 years and differently from the dead forks from this suite, the original software points out that permanent development to the benefit of the users is the intention of this project.